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Biomutant Multiplayer: Is there online PvP, PvE, and split-screen co-op?

All has been quiet on the Biomutant front for a while now, though with launch fast approaching interest is starting to re-emerge. Namely, people are wondering if there’s any form of Biomutant multiplayer. Here’s the lowdown regarding online and local PvP and co-op features in THQ Nordic’s new RPG.

Is Biomutant multiplayer?

Biomutant multiplayer PvP co-op

Biomutant does not have multiplayer. It is a single-player only experience, with no online PvP, PvE, or co-op multiplayer options.

It isn’t possible to play Biomutant multiplayer on the couch in split-screen mode or online with friends. Although that will come as a blow to many, there’s still plenty to do in this solo adventure.

Biomutant is an open-world game that’s full of interesting distractions. There’s also an in-depth crafting system allowing users to create all manner of weapons, which in itself can occupy a lot of time. Although there isn’t a Biomutant multiplayer mode, it’s easy to imagine that players will get together and share crafting recipes over the internet.

With most games receiving huge marketing pushes, often to the point of oversaturation, Biomutant is an exception to the rule. Many have (wrongly) made the assumption that the project is dead, though, in actuality, the devs have quietly been making sure it’s ready. Although the final package doesn’t include an online or local multiplayer component, not every game needs to as standard.

While the lack of multiplayer modes is just fine, it’s easy to take issue with the Biomutant pre-order bonus. Most games include minor cosmetics or boosters, but THQ Nordic is instead opting for an entire character class. That’s a lot to lock behind a day one paywall; hopefully, it’ll launch as standalone downloadable content in the future.

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