Biomutant criticized after locking one of its classes behind pre-orders

UPDATE: THQ Nordic has further clarified that the Mercenary class will not only be locked behind a pre-order bonus, but that it will also only be available as a bonus for those who pre-order the digital or Collector’s Edition copies of the game. This means that those who pre-order a physical copy of the game won’t receive the Mercenary.

In a comment on YouTube, THQ Nordic wrote: “The Merc will be available later. Only digital and CE pre-orders get it for pre-ordering, unfortunately we can’t offer it for physical standard editions as a bonus.”

Biomutant locks its Mercenary class behind pre-orders, with players only able to unlock the character class if they pre-purchase the upcoming game.

Publisher THQ Nordic has debuted the latest combat trailer for the game, highlighting gameplay from the upcoming action RPG. However, viewers have criticized the decision to make the Mercenary class a pre-order bonus, locking out players who don’t want to lay out the cash for Biomutant before it releases.

Biomutant’s Mercenary class is a pre-order bonus

The Mercenary is described as a ‘special pre-order class’ in the trailer, though Biomutant confirmed it will be available after launch on Twitter. It’s unclear if this will means it will be paid DLC, or if it will be provided as a free update. Given that pre-order bonuses are typically reserved for cosmetics, it’s a controversial decision either way.

“Pre-order now & get the Mercenary class DLC, a unique combination of perks, in addition to the full game,” the trailer’s description reads. It’s unclear what this unique combination of perks will be, but it sounds as though Biomutant will feature more substantial pre-order content than most, which will inevitably lead to players feeling as though they’re missing out if they don’t buy the game before it launches.

Pre-order bonuses are controversial enough as is, though when they’re strictly kept to cosmetic items they at least ensure that players are only lacking items that don’t particularly impact gameplay. Locking an entire class behind pre-orders is a much more aggressive way of convincing players to part ways with their cash early, even if it will wind up being added to the game later down the line.

Biomutant is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 25, 2021. The new trailer can be viewed below:

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