Custom Among Us School map features evil Teacher Impostor

The Among Us School map is growing in popularity, with streamers and other content creators playing the new level on Twitch and YouTube. The new map includes a special Teacher Impostor who has unique abilities like forcing other players to do homework. With cool gameplay elements like that, it’s no surprise that players are searching for how to download and install the School custom map.

How to download and play the Among Us School map

Among Us School Map

To play the Among Us School map players must download the custom level and then populate it with players using mods.

The most popular version of the School map was created by BigToe. Named “Among The Class,” it was created using Unity and hosted here. Users can download the files and preview the map there.

However, for those wanting to actually play the map with other friends and add minigames, mods are required. YouTube creator Socksfor1 demonstrated how this works with the video embedded below. They even took advantage of a mod that allows a “Teacher Impostor” to force players to do math equations as homework to stall for time.

Unfortunately, as this is a custom map and mods, it’s only available on PC. That means the Among Us School map is not yet playable on iPhone, Android, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the developers at InnerSloth will see this design and officially implement something similar? Here’s hoping!

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