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Among Us 100 players mod | How to download and play

It’s now possible to play Among Us with a 100-player lobby. That means 100 players all hunting or being hunted by each other until one team is left standing. With so many players, the action is chaotic and unpredictable. Here’s how to play the Among Us 100 players mod on PC, as well as information for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch players.

How to play Among Us 100 players mod

Among Us 100 players mod

To download and play the Among Us 100 players mod, users have to access a Discord server and level up to become a higher-level member.

  1. Join Socksfor1’s Discord.
  2. Level up to 5 by talking.
    • Every message sent over a 60 seconds interval will reward between 15 and 25 XP.
  3. At level 5 players get access to the mod.

The Discord server is hosted by YouTube creator Socksfor1. This unofficial 100-player game mode is only offered by this user. For now, this is the only way to play with 100 different players.

With the success of 100-player lobbies hosted by large influencers, it’s clear that there is a demand for higher player counts in Among Us. Perhaps this mod will inspire an official update that allows for more players per match? Time will tell.

Can you play Among Us 100 players on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch?

No, it’s not yet possible to play Among Us 100 players on iOS (iPhone), Android, or Nintendo Switch.

Players on portable systems are limited to official builds of the game, which means mods won’t work. However, it’s possible that developer InnerSloth will recognize the demand for an official 100 players mode and add it to the game.

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