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Among Us New Kill Animation | When is the laser kill release date?

A new kill animation is being added to Among Us, with the game adding a brand new deadly laser elimination. The new kill was highlighted during The Game Awards 2020, showing an Imposter utilizing the brand new move in order to off an opponent.

What is the Among Us new kill animation?

The new kill animation in Among Us was briefly shown in a new trailer, showing one player deploying a deadly laser beam from their eye similar to Cyclops in X-Men.

It is unclear whether this animation will be randomized alongside the current animation, which depicts the player being unceremoniously sliced in half, though it appears to be tied to a pair of glasses that the player can equip.

The new Among Us kill can be viewed in a brand new trailer below:

When is the Among Us new kill release date?

The new Among Us kill animation will launch alongside the Airship, a brand new map that is set to be added to the game as part of an update in early 2021.

The Airship is the next new map to be added to the game, placing players aboard a plane as they go about being imposters and sabotaging other players’ games.

The exact release date for the Airship hasn’t been revealed, though early 2021 suggests it will be added to the game roughly around January or February. The new kill animation should also be added at this time, too.

The new Among Us update was revealed during The Game Awards 2020, which features a bunch of world premiere game announcements alongside awarding the top games of the year. You can check out all the reveals from TGA 2020 here, and all the winners of its awards here.