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Among Us DLC Roadmap 2020 | New map, accounts, and more

After flying under the radar for a couple of years, Among Us recently made it big on PC, iOS, and Android. As a result of its success, developer InnerSloth is supporting the game with free content updates moving forward. To offer an idea of what these will include, the team shared an Among Us DLC roadmap detailing exciting new additions. Here are all of the details, including info on a new map, account system, and more.

Among Us DLC Roadmap | Downloadable content details

Among Us DLC roadmap

Among Us has been such a runaway success in 2020 that the developers canceled its planned sequel. That might sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually a positive; all of the features are coming to the original via free updates instead. The process started recently with the introduction of an anonymous voting option, new cosmetics, bug fixes, and more. There’s plenty of additional Among Us content planned for the future as well, as detailed below.

Here’s the Among Us 2020 DLC roadmap, which might also extend into 2021:

New map and activities

InnerSloth is currently working on a Henry Stickmin-themed map that’s “looking bigger than Polus.” Henry Stickmin is a game published by InnerSloth back in August, so this crossover is sure to please fans of both titles. The as-yet-unnamed map will contain “plenty of new tasks” and is free to all players.

New account system

Accounts will “hopefully” be added to Among Us by December. The feature will finally allow players to report hackers and toxic players, which should help to ensure the game is safe for kids. Account features are likely to be “barebones” at first, but friendslists and more are planned for the future.

New translations and localizations

It hasn’t been revealed which languages Among Us will be translated to yet, though more people will soon be able to play and enjoy the game thanks to increased localization efforts.

New colorblind support

Colorblind players can have a difficult time playing Among Us; how do they know red is sus when they don’t see red, for example? Obviously, this addition will be a handy accessibility feature.

Apparently, this “isn’t the full extent” of the dev team’s plans, so stick with Game Revolution for details on the Among Us 2021 DLC roadmap moving forward.