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Among Us Cheaters | Can you report hackers?

Is there a way to report Among Us cheaters? A growing number of Among Us hackers are spoiling the fun for legitimate players. By using an Among Us cheat engine it’s possible to fly around the map and also discover who the impostor is, defeating the entire purpose of the multiplayer party game. Here’s what to do about Among Us cheaters.

Can you report Among Us cheaters?

Among Us cheaters

Unfortunately, you can’t report Among Us cheaters in-game. You can, however, vote to kick Among Us hackers from a game session if they’re spoiling legitimate players’ fun. Additionally, it’s possible for session hosts to ban any player they believe is using a cheat engine via the lobby screen.

With developer InnerSloth currently working on Among Us 2, hopefully, they’ll implement a dedicated reporting feature into the sequel. That way, it’ll be much easier for players to report cheaters and hackers that can then be banned to improve the gameplay experience.

Among Us is a fun multiplayer party game — it’s not all that competitive, which makes cheating especially odd. Although hacking in an online session is never okay, there aren’t even any illegitimate bragging rights to earn here… Some people just want to watch the world burn, we guess.

Among Us Cheaters | Can you report hackers?

  • No, you can’t report cheaters in Among Us.
  • You can vote to kick cheaters and Among Us hackers from a session.
  • If you’re the room leader, you can ban cheaters to prevent them from joining.

Cheating in Among Us generally occurs on PC, so playing the iOS or Android version can be a good way to avoid frustration. If you’d rather play on a console than mobile, here’s the latest information on potential Among Us console ports.

Although it isn’t likely with work underway on a sequel, if there’s ever an Among Us update that adds an in-game reporting system we’ll let you know.