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When does Resident Evil Village take place on the timeline?

The Resident Evil timeline is a bit convoluted, having many entries grouped into a short amount of time, followed by big swathes of inactivity. So, figuring out when Resident Evil Village takes place is tough. Even though it’s a sequel to RE7, players aren’t given a ton of context as to how long after its predesessor the events of RE8 occur.

When does Resident Evil 8 take place?

Resident Evil Village when does it take place RE8

Resident Evil Village takes place in February 2021. Since the events of Resident Evil 7 (and its DLC) occur in July-August 2017, there are three years and eight months between RE7 and RE8.

No Resident Evil media is set between RE7: End of Zoe and RE Village, so we don’t know much about what happened between the two games outside of Ethan and Mia’s lives. At some point, Chris Redfield begins suspecting the BSAA is corrupt and starts operating independently from them (while still nominally being a member). Ethan receives military training with the BSAA during this time, and he and Mia move to Europe to start a new life.

Rose was born only four months before the game started on August 2, 2020. By February 8, 2021, Miranda had kidnapped and replaced Mia, and her plan was in motion to take Rose. On this day, Chris raided the Winters’ house with the intent of rescuing Ethan and Rose and capturing Miranda. However, Miranda was able to escape captivity and abduct Rose anyway.

Most of the events of Resident Evil Village take place on February 9 continuing through the night and into February 10. However, the catalyst that led to Miranda discovering the Megamycete, the influenza outbreak that claimed Miranda’s daughter Eva, took place between 1918 and 1920.

As for when the epilogue of Resident Evil Village takes place, we only know it’s sometime in the future. Rose is a young adult, so it would seem to be sometime in the later 2030s. However, Eveline aged irregularly, so it’s possible Rose’s growth could be accelerated. So, the scene could occur anytime after 2021.