Crypt of the NecroDancer Weapon Guide

Weapon Guide

There are a few different weapon types for most pieces of equipment, and each one comes with a different effect:
  • Blood: Recover 1/2 health for every 10 kills.
  • Glass: Does 4 damage but it breaks if the player gets hurt or if the weapon is thrown.
  • Gold: Monsters drop more gold.
  • Obsidian: The groove chain multiplier dictates the amount of damage per hit.
  • Titanium: Does 2 damage with each hit.


The Blunderbuss covers a wide area with its attack and can hit multiple monsters. It does Piercing Damage, which allows it to circumvent some enemies' defenses. It must be reloaded after every shot, though it can be used as a melee weapon when it's out of ammo. It does two damage in both melee and ranged modes.


The bow has a reach of three tiles ahead. Players can only target one monster at a time with it.


The Broadsword does the same amount of damage as the default weapon for Cadence (the dagger), but it has more reach. It can reach a few squares horizontally and thus can damage multiple enemies.

Cat o' Nine Tails

The Cat o' Nine Tails can target any monster around the player, almost in a 360 degree fashion. It only hits one monster though, so be careful if you find yourself surrounded by enemies.


The crossbow has a range of four tiles ahead and only hits one monster. On the plus side, it deals piercing damage which goes through some enemies' armor and other defenses. The crossbow must be reloaded after three shots, though it can be used as a melee weapon in the interim.


This is the starting weapon for Cadence and a few other characters. It only does one damage and reaches just one square, so players typically want to find a different weapon as soon possible. It can be thrown in a straight line, though that only does normal damage.

Dagger of Frost

The Dagger of Frost does piercing damage, which allows it to rip through armor and other enemy defenses. Hitting a monster with it freezes them for three beats, and all attacks on frozen enemies do 999 damage. It can also be thrown in a straight line to deal piercing damage. Be careful though, as a fireball or explosion can melt the weapon.

Dagger of Phasing

Some enemies are immune to piercing attacks, but Phasing damage ignores all enemy defenses. Thus, the Dagger of Phasing can take out any enemy in the game. It only does 2 damage, but the phasing damage makes up for its relatively low power. It can also be thrown through walls until it reaches the end of the level, which still does phasing damage.


The flail operates much like the Cat o' Nine Tails in that it can target any enemy surrounding the player. But even better is the fact that it can hit multiple monsters and also causes knockback. Now if you find yourself surrounded, you don't have to worry too much.

Glass Shard

When glass weapons break, the result is a glass shard. It operates just like a dagger and does 1 damage. It can also be thrown in a straight line to deal normal damage.

Jeweled Dagger

Another dagger that only hits one tile ahead, though this one does a whopping 5 damage. Like other daggers it can be thrown in a straight line for normal damage.


The longsword is a simple weapon with more reach, like the Spear. Unlike that weapon, it can damage multiple enemies in a straight line though. So try to line up multiple enemies two tiles ahead of you when given the opportunity. It's always best to kill two birds with one stone.


The rapier allows players to hit a monster two tiles in front of them, which does one extra damage and makes the player lunge forward. This gives the player an advantage as the enemy cannot immediately retaliate during the lunge. So be sure to keep your distance as much as possible when using the rapier to use its full potential.


The range on the rifle is kind of ridiculous: it can shoot up to 20 tiles ahead in a straight line, unless it hits a wall. Like other ranged weapons it deals piercing damage, which goes through armor and other defenses. Every attack knocks the player back one tile, and it must be reloaded after a few shots. It does 3 damage normally, and 1 if used as a melee weapon when it's out of ammo.


The spear can attack one extra tile ahead of a normal weapon like the dagger. Think of the rapier without the lunge attack. Thus, it's a weapon in which players want to keep their distance to use it effectively. It can also be in a straight line for normal damage.


The whip can only hit one monster, but it has a ton of horizontal reach. The attack will prioritize the closest enemy in a horizontal line, so keep that in mind. Also, the things like containers or walls can get in the way if you're trying to attack a monster.