Crypt of the NecroDancer PC Cheats


General Tips
  • Staying on beat is the most important thing in the game. Get a rhythm down and stick with it. The multiplier in particular plays a big part.
  • Don't be afraid to move your body when playing the game. I find I perform best when I'm bobbing my head up and down to the beat.
  • Always look for the shopkeeper when you have gold. He sells a lot of great items, and it doesn't take that long to find him in Zone 1.
  • Blow up gold walls to get some free gold. Just be careful not to blow up the shopkeeper, he seems to take it personally.
  • Experiment with the different items and find what you like best. This is a game in which you improve by learning more about the items through experience.
  • If you're in great shape, you may want to skip shrines. Otherwise, give them a shot to see what you'll get.
  • Remember to keep your distance from enemies when you have weapons with longer reach.
  • Keep your spells in mind when fighting tougher enemies, especially mini-bosses. They can often get you out of a jam.

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In the ZoneComplete zone 1 with solo Cadence!
In the Zone (2)Complete zone 2 with solo Cadence!
In the Zone (3)Complete zone 3 with solo Cadence!
In the Zone (4)Complete zone 4 with solo Cadence!
MerchanticideKill the shopkeeper.
So Hardcore!Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Cadence.
HeartthrobHave 10 heart containers at the same time.
A Beatless BeatdownComplete "All Zones Mode" with solo Bard.
Friendly FireUse a red dragon's fireball to kill another miniboss.
Carpe DiemComplete a Daily Challenge.
Lute That LootComplete "All Zones Mode" with solo Melody.
I love gooooold!Have 6000 coins in a single run.
Speed DemonComplete "All Zones Mode" with solo Cadence in under 15 minutes.
Bombs Away!Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Eli.
Two Can Tango!Complete "All Zones Mode" while playing Co-op.
Peace OutComplete "All Zones Mode" with solo Dove.
Mostly HarmlessGet killed by a green slime.
Vow down!Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Monk.
Bat TrickKill three green bats.
8BallKill 8 enemies with a single bomb.
Leaps and BoundsComplete "All Zones Mode" with solo Dorian.
TachycardiaComplete "All Zones Mode" with solo Bolt.
You Don't Miss a Beat, Do You?Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Aria.
Flawless Victory!Aria Low%. Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Aria without picking up any items or using any shrines.
Lowest of the Low"All Chars" low%. Complete an "All Chars" run without picking up any items or using any shrines.
UndeadlyGet 10 wins in a row in Cadence "Deathless Mode"
Impossible, Right?Complete "All Zones Mode" with solo Coda.
PolyamorousComplete an "All Chars" run.