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Biomutant: How to get a mount and ride animals

Biomutant mounts will let you travel through the game’s open-world a lot quicker, but finding out how to get a mount isn’t self-explanatory. Yes, you can ride the animals you see in the game, but you may miss exactly how to do that given that the details are hidden away in a side-quest. Fortunately, you can still get on a mount even without completing this quest.

How to get mounts and ride animals in Biomutant

how to get mounts ride animals biomutant

Biomutant’s main story quests will eventually get you the Googlide, the first non-biological mount you can obtain in the game. This jet ski will get you across the water and allow you to explore far-off biomes, though it’s also possible to get other mounts before this.

To ride animal mounts in Biomutant, you need to obtain one of the Pip fruits that you can get from roaming its world. Each animal requires a different Pip fruit to get a hold of it, which are typically located around the region you’ve found them. To get a Pip fruit, look out for a red bush (pictured above) with a small opening beneath it. You will need to stand in the center of this bush and dodge roll beneath it in order to gain the Pip. Now interact with an animal to feed it the fruit, and you will then be able to use it as your mount.

How to change mount in Biomutant

To change your default animal mount, go to the main menu and select Transport. From here, you will be able to change which mount will appear when you call for it using the mount wheel.

From here you’ll also be able to access all the other various non-biological mounts you acquire, though the biological mounts will all appear under this Transport menu. As such, if you wish to switch them around, you’ll need to equip them first.

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