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Biomutant: Why are enemies not taking damage?

If Biomutant enemies aren’t taking damage in the game, this can obviously impede your progress. Some players may find that enemies are too strong to defeat, that their player-character is too weak, or that opponents are not taking damage at all. So why is this, and is there a way to fix it?

Why are enemies not taking damage in Biomutant?

Biomutant features a number of ways to block damage taken by enemies, including armor. Highly armored enemies will be indicated by a shield that appears around their level, indicating that they are going to be tough to beat and aren’t going to take a lot of damage. To beat these enemies, your Armor Piercing stats on your weaponry will need to be high.

You can raise your Armor Piercing stats by crafting new weapons focused on this trait, or adding mods and the like to existing weapons in order to improve this stat. Check how well-equipped your weaponry is to take on enemies wearing armor by analyzing your Armor Piercing stats in the Gear menu.

If you find that enemies are taking little damage regardless of this stat, then chances are you’re either carrying underpowered weaponry or you just aren’t high enough a level to be fighting that particular enemy. Biomutant expects you to be constantly improving the grade of your weaponry as you continue, so keep an eye on your damage output to make sure it’s high enough to take on the various monsters and rival tribes you’ll encounter in its world.

Starting out in Biomutant, it isn’t unusual to find most enemies difficult to take on given that you’re still getting used to its strong focus on routinely upgrading and crafting new weaponry. Stick it out, take down resource totems to make crafting easier, and make sure you’re always improving your kit to make combat easier.

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