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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox crashing fix

The Mass Effect trilogy has a new lease on life thanks to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The latest release is custom-tailored for modern-generation platforms, but unfortunately, some new issues have emerged from the transition. Namely, Xbox users are finding that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is crashing upon boot. What causes Legendary Edition to crash on Xbox, and what can you do to fix it? As it turns out, the solution may be more simple than you expect.

How to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox crashing

How to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox crashing

The launch version of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has bug that causes the game to crash on Xbox One and the Series X|S. Fortunately, the developers have discovered that the game crashes due to certain Xbox accessories. You should be able to fix Legendary Edition crashing by unplugging headsets or other peripherals.

As errors go, this is an odd one. This issue seems to have first been brought to light over on Twitter, where user Mark Delaney reported that Legendary Edition kept crashing during an attempted stream. BioWare provided an official response, saying that the cause of the crash had been identified as an unexpected interaction between the console and certain peripherals.

We don’t really know why, but Mass Effect Legendary Edition doesn’t play nice with certain accessories. Wireless headsets were named specifically, but it’s possible that other accessories could cause the problem, too.

As such, if the game keeps crashing on boot, unplug any Xbox accessories you have connected to the system. BioWare did specify that wired headphones are fine, so it may be that wireless devices in particular are the cause of the problem.

Thankfully, this issue shouldn’t be a problem for very long. BioWare stated that it’s working on a patch with Microsoft, so this issue may only affect users who manage to play Legendary Edition early. Chances are good that the specific fix will be issued with the next post-launch update.

If Mass Effect Legendary Edition is crashing your Xbox console, you need to unplug your accessories. Wired headphones should be fine, but any other peripherals may cause the game to crash on boot. Until a fix is released, you’ll have to play the game without any extra devices.