Box art - Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Can I install each Mass Effect Legendary Edition game separately?

Since the Mass Effect Legendary Edition consists of three games, one would think there’d be an option to install them separately. After all, space is at a premium, and given that the PC requirements list a 120 GB install size, it’d be nice to cut that into a third. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options when it comes to a custom install for most platforms.

Can you install the Mass Effect Legendary Edition games separately?

Mass Effect Legendary Separate Install PC Requirements

As far as we can tell, there’s no option for a custom install of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PS4 or PC. When installing it on PC, Origin never presented the opportunity to pick which games we wanted installed. However, it appears that Xbox players can be more incremental with their installs.

On PC, the folder containing Mass Effect Legendary Edition weighs in at 103 GB after install, which is must heftier than the original games. It seems like those higher resolution videos and textures really add up.

Unfortunately, this space won’t include mods, at least not when the collection releases. Since all three games run on an upgraded version of Unreal Engine 3, mods won’t just work on the Legendary Edition versions of the game. They’ll have to be ported by mod makers, which may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Those who have pre-ordered the collection can get a headstart downloading it since the pre-load is live. This includes EA Play Pro subscribers, who get access to the game as part of the service.

Reviews haven’t gone up yet, but the original games are lauded as some of the best of all time, so Mass Effect Legendary Edition should be just as good. However, there have been some early issues with crashes on Xbox, so fans playing on that console should beware. BioWare has only patched out some of those issues with the most recent update.