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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Denuvo: Does it have DRM?

Any Mass Effect Legendary Edition Denuvo DRM would probably make this the least definitive edition of the game for players on PC. Denuvo makes some games on the platform worse, which is bad for any game, let alone a supposed remaster. Here’s whether Mass Effect Legendary Edition has Denuvo DRM on PC.

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have Denuvo DRM?

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According to some reports, Mass Effect Legendary Edition does have Denuvo DRM on PC. But since the game is still new, players have not reported any instances that could be related to the DRM.

It’s possible that it could be relatively fine, but many games, including one BioWare game, have had problems with Denuvo. According to some on Reddit, Anthem had Denuvo, which led to some technical issues.

Some may find that disappointing, but it is not surprising. BioWare’s other titles have had it as well. Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition both have it and it appears that Anthem, despite being an online game, had Denuvo as well. Electronic Arts games also seem to have Denuvo most of the time as well as its portfolio from sports games like FIFA to smaller games like Fe have the controversial anti-tampering software.

However, players who want Denuvo out of Mass Effect Legendary Edition may just have to wait if they don’t want the console versions (that are enhanced on new systems) or play the old games (even if the saves aren’t fully compatible for every entry). According to Dark Side of Gaming, BioWare took out Denuvo in Andromeda in July 2017, which was just four months after its initial release. This has applied to other games as well like Hitman 2, Mega Man 11, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, and many more. Denuvo gets removed from plenty of games as its goal isn’t to permanently stop piracy, but to hamper it during the initial wave of the game’s release. However, it is worth nothing that Denuvo is still in Dragon Age: Inquisition and shows that BioWare’s track record on taking it out is inconsistent.