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Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have PC controller support?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a great way to relive Commander Shepard’s sci-fi exploits on modern hardware. Enhanced for PS4 and Xbox One, this updated collection also includes new compatibility options for players on PC. But does Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PC have full controller support? Or will you be stuck using a keyboard and mouse during certain parts of the trilogy?

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have controller support on PC?

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition have controller support on PC?

Yes, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has full PC controller support. Each of the games in the Mass Effect trilogy have been updated to support modern video game controllers.

This information was first revealed in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition gameplay calibrations post over on the official EA website. Among other details, the page mentions “native controller and 21:9 display support on PC.” This means that all players who pick up the collection through EA Origin will be able to use their compatible controllers without having to resort to mods. Even better, this is proper controller support, nothing like the rickety user mod released for the previous PC version of Mass Effect.

This detail is also reflected in the collection’s Steam store listing, which directly references its full controller support. This means that all games featured within Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be played start to finish with a gamepad.

For those keeping count at home, the Steam version of Legendary Edition is compatible with all Steam-compatible gamepads. This is good news, since Steam works with hundreds of different controllers. Just remember that you’ll still need the Origin client to play even if you purchase the game on Steam.

You won’t be stuck using keyboard and mouse: Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been given full controller support on PC. You can use any reasonably modern gamepad, from a wired Xbox 360 pad to the new PowerA Fusion Pro controller, to play all three games in the updated Mass Effect trilogy. If you’ve got one sitting around, break out your old Xbox 360 gamepad and prepare for a nostalgic return.