PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review: ‘Better than the DualShock 4 in every way’

PS4 FUSION PRO WIRELESS CONTROLLER REVIEW. PowerA is going high-end with its new PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless controller. Boasting modular components that can be swapped in and out, this third-party gamepad aims to satisfy players who want something more than the standard DualShock 4. Does it deliver? This is the GameRevolution review.

Ready, steady, go!

PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review

The premium PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless controller experience begins with the unboxing. Inside the box is a carrying case, the paddle system and back cover for when the paddles aren’t used, replacement additional height thumbsticks, and some ring inserts to add some color accents. PowerA has done a good job in providing the extras users expect when buying a premium product.

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With the official DualShock 4 beside me for comparison, it’s immediately clear that the PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless is both bigger and heavier. As someone that always struggled with the small size of the DualShock 4, I appreciate the increase here. It’s much more comfortable, like I found with the SCUF Impact. As for the weight, it feels solid without being fatiguing. In a word, it feels “substantial.”

Fine-tuning with ease

PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review

The setup process for attaching the paddles, swapping out the thumbsticks, and tweaking the trigger stops is super easy and well thought out. Where other custom controllers have been tricky to fine-tune, the PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless was ready to go in 5-10 minutes. I sat in a private lobby in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War while I played around with the different settings. I was happy to see that even remapping the paddles to different functions was achieved quickly and can be done on the fly.

PowerA does have software to help with further controller calibration, but I’ve felt no need to use it. It was immediately ready to go out of the box and I’ve experienced no drift issues that I’ve seen reports of. For me, the controller feels responsive like a PS4 controller should. The only area where I found a significant difference was in the thumbsticks, which move more easily than the standard pad. They require less force, though after a couple of hours I got used to this.

Upgrading without sacrifice

PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review

While other third-party controllers sacrifice support for first-party features, the PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless does no such thing, with wired and Bluetooth modes, capacitive touchpad, lightbar, built-in speaker, Share Button, and PS and Options buttons. Then there are the motion sensors, rumble motors, and headphone jack.

Like the DualShock 4, this pad uses a rechargeable battery which is charged by a 9.8′ braided USB cable. Battery life seems on par with the DualShock 4.

Where the PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless becomes enhanced is with the rear paddles, three-way trigger locks, and extended size thumbsticks. To me, these are the main highlights of this controller. Each gives a tangible benefit when playing competitive games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Apex Legends, and Fortnite.

The rear paddles allow for up to four different functions to be assigned. I stuck with two paddles: one for jumping and one for melee. I found this to be more comfortable than using all four paddles and I appreciate the flexibility in being able to easily remove and replace them at any time.

Trigger locks stop the triggers from being pushed too far down. You can set them to the point when they actuate and then have them immediately rebound ready for the next shot. This makes quick tap firing much easier to pull off. The three-way lock means users can reduce or disable the stop effect when playing games like racing titles, where the entire trigger motion can be used for different levels of vehicle acceleration.

While some will be happy with the standard sticks, I attached an extended-length thumbstick to the right side. This makes for a more comfortable feel and also increases the increments of movement, so users have (in theory) an easier time acquiring targets.

PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review | The Final Verdict

PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller Review

The PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless controller is better than the official DualShock 4 pad in every way. For users with larger hands that find the DS4 gamepad cramped and uncomfortable, this PowerA design is a serious improvement.

Combine the great design with the arsenal of features that offer big advantages in shooters and other competitive genres, and this becomes one of the best PS4 controllers out there.

Of course, the elephant in the room is that this pad does not work with the PS5. At $129.99/£119.99, the RRP is a little steep for what will soon be a last-gen product. Of course, sales do happen and when the price is right, this will gets a hearty recommendation from me.

PS4 players who don’t plan to upgrade to the PS5 for quite some time should absolutely have the PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless on their radar. It’s got all of the bells and whistles that the official DualShock 4 lacks.

PS4 FUSION Pro Wireless Controller review unit was provided by PowerA