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Biomutant: What is the best class and breed to choose?

The best class and breed in Biomutant will determine how you will create your character when you’re starting out. These two attributes can have major ramifications for your mutant as you progress through the game, granting you additional abilities and stats depending on what you choose. So what class and breed should you choose in Biomutant on PC, PS4, and Xbox?

What is the best class in Biomutant?

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The best starting class in Biomutant is Dead-Eye due to its usability throughout the game and its strength in the endgame. Dead-Eye’s prioritization of ranged weapons gives you a number of perks that improve your proficiency in this area, which becomes exceptionally useful when handling the game’s tougher enemies.

Dead-Eye focuses on ranged weapons, granting you the Perfect Reload ability that allows you to reload instantly when running low on ammo. This lets you quickly press the reload button (RB on Xbox, R1 on PS4, and R on PC) to instantly reload your current weapon — given that reloading otherwise takes a while, this is incredibly useful in a firefight given Biomutant’s infinite ammo.

On top of this, Dead-Eye’s unique perks specifically revolve around improving your ranged weapons’ capabilities. For instance, the final unlockable perk allows you to double the damage dealt by all ranged weapons for just two upgrade points. This is a huge boost to basically all guns aside from those you can dual-wield, which is the vast majority of those you will find in the game.

As many of the game’s toughest enemies are best dispatched using ranged attacks, this will make you better prepared for facing high-level opponents. It will also contribute greatly to the power of the ranged Ultimate weapons you can find in the game.

What is the best breed in Biomutant?

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The best breed in Biomutant for those starting out is the Dumdon. The Dumdon slightly improves your Vitality and Strength stats, which increases your health, armor, and melee damage. As these are three crucial areas of improvement throughout the game, this gives you a good head start.

However, while your class in Biomutant is vital considering the perks it will give you, your Breed is mostly down to personal choice. You can alter any of these base stats in the character creation tool anyway, meaning that regardless of what Breed you choose, you can ultimately tailor your character to your own personal playstyle.

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