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How to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck in environment bug

ME Legendary Edition is a great remaster, but that doesn’t mean there are no faults. While exploring the galaxy in Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 players are becoming stuck in and/or on environmental objects. This renders Commander Shepard unable to move, and, as a result, leaves players unable to progress. So, here’s the need-to-know on a Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck in environment glitch solution.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck in environment bug fix

Mass Effect Legendary Edition stuck in environment bug

To fix being stuck in the environment, Mass Effect Legendary Edition players must reload a previous save to unstick themselves. This applies across the trilogy of ME remasters, allowing users to quickly and easily regain control of Commander Shepard.

Players will most commonly become stuck when in control of Shepard directly, playing one of the series’ many on-foot sections. It is possible, however, to trap the Mako vehicle on environmental assets as well. If this happens during a section on an uncharted planet, first try maneuvering in all directions while boosting. No luck? Attempt using the thrusters to “jump” out of (or over) the offending environmental hazard. Lastly, opt to return to the Normandy spaceship and then redeploy to the planet’s surface via the Galaxy Map.

Environments aren’t the only thing holding ME Legendary Edition players up; unfortunately, some users are encountering infinite loading screens. So far, the development team is working quickly to implement new game updates. In the most recent Mass Effect patch, the devs took aim at a major technical issue. Fingers crossed this is a sign that sticky environmental hazards will make the list of items to fix in a future update!

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