When is the Scarlet Nexus anime release date?

Scarlet Nexus, the upcoming Bandai Namco action game, is getting its own anime series. Just like the video game, the show stars Yuito and Kasane as they combat the “Others” — a mysterious and dangerous enemy. Since the game is now playable via a free demo, fans wondering when the tie-in Scarlet Nexus anime will launch. So, here’s the latest on a release date for the Funimation adaptation.

Scarlet Nexus anime episode 1 release date and time

Scarlet Nexus anime release date

The Scarlet Nexus anime is launching in summer 2021 on Funimation. It’s based on the Scarlet Nexus video game launching on June 25, 2021.

Keeping in mind that the two products tie together, the first episode of the Scarlet Nexus anime could release in June. It’d make sense for Funimation to strike while the iron is hot, launching the pilot episode alongside the video game. This is when interest in the Scarlet Nexus brand is likely to be at its highest.

Of course, June is also a summer month and fits the Scarlet Nexus anime release window teased by Funimation. Although there still isn’t an exact release date, a brief Scarlet Nexus anime trailer features in the announcement tweet below.

Stay tuned for updates on the Scarlet Nexus anime release time and date when news breaks.

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