Is EA Play on Nintendo Switch?

EA Play, formerly EA Access, is one of the leading video games subscription services. Players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC can subscribe to gain access to a huge catalog of games, plus receive exclusive discounts and in-game items. What about Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite owners, though? Is EA Play on Nintendo Switch? Here’s the lowdown on taking out a subscription via the popular hybrid handheld console.

Are EA Play subscriptions available on Nintendo Switch?

EA Play on Nintendo Switch

Electronic Arts is open to bringing its EA Play subscription service to Nintendo Switch in the future. At the time of writing, however, EA Play and EA Play Plus apps and subscriptions are not available via Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

In an interview with, EA SVP Mike Blank confirmed the company is open to putting EA Play on Switch. According to Blank, EA plans to “bring more subscriptions to more platforms” as time rolls on. In response to what that means for Nintendo Switch specifically, the EA SVP reiterates that “if there are opportunities for us to bring our subscription there. . . we will do so.”

Although it still hasn’t happened, perhaps the correct “opportunity” hasn’t yet presented itself. Ultimately, time will tell if these best-laid plans pan out and result in an EA Play Switch release date.

Switch fans have been hoping to receive the service for years now, though the recent release of Knockout City produced a spike in demand. The EA Originals title features EA Play Rewards, granting in-game unlocks to active subscribers. Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite users can’t claim these rewards, but they can see others rocking them thanks to crossplay.

Stay tuned for updates regarding EA Play on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

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