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Biomutant Googlide: How to level up and upgrade it

The Biomutant Googlide is an early mount you receive in the game which allows you to travel across the water. However, while traveling across green water you will be shown the message ‘Requirement: Engine level 1.’ This is because you need to level up and upgrade the Googlide, though finding out how to do so isn’t immediately apparent. Here’s how to get the Googlide to level 2.

How to level up and upgrade the Googlide in Biomutant

biomutant googlide how to level up upgrade

To level up and upgrade the Googlide mount in Biomutant, you need to continue the Googlide Wrekboxes side-mission and find the Wrekbox location in the Surfipelago Hobydunk. Here you will find a level 2 engine that you can equip to your mount.

To get the upgrade, go to the above location on the map. This island is surrounded by green water, though there are passages of regular water to get to it. Once on the island, fight the enemies on the beach before heading into the remains on the ship in which the Googlide Wrekbox is located.

This Wrekbox contains a Skrupburst, a level 2 engine that you can equip while accessing your Googlide’s customization menu by pressing down on the D-pad. After equipping the Skrupburst, when you venture into green waters the message will now read: ‘Requirement: Level engine 2,’ indicating that you have successfully upgraded your Googlide.

After making the upgrade, you can now venture into uncharted waters. Most of the Googlide Wrekboxes contain cosmetic items only, with this being one of the only ones that have an impact on the mount’s usability. While the Googlide isn’t much use outside of the Surfipelago, it does make traveling around this particular location much easier.

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