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Miitopia Pyramid Levers: What’s the right order?

In Miitopia, players will find a set of levers in the Great Pyramid that they must pull in a specific order. When the lever puzzle is solved, it’ll open a passage to a secret chest. However, the correct order to pull the levers in the pyramid in Miitopia isn’t apparent at first.

We’ve got the solution to the lever puzzle in Miitopia. We’ll explain how to find the correct order and what to do once players find it.

In what order do you pull the levers in the pyramid in Miitopia?

Miitopia Lever Puzzle Solution Location

While exploring the pyramid in Miitopia, players will stumble upon a puzzle consisting of three levers. The solution to this puzzle is:

  1. Don’t pull this lever
  2. Pull this lever
  3. Pull this lever

When the levers are pulled in the correct order, players will unlock a secret passage containing four chests. Finding this solution isn’t too difficult for players, and we’ll go into more detail on how to find it below.

The Great Pyramid is located north of Neksdor Town. It can be visited after meeting the Genie and seeing the Dark Lord’s attack on Neksdor. Players must head into the pyramid to find the faces of the Neksdor Town Miis, which the Dark Lord has scattered.

Players can find the solution to the lever puzzle by going two rooms north and one room west from the entrance. By completing this room, players will discover the Worried Explorer, who will reveal the correct order for the levers. From there, players will need to go east and then slightly south to reach the lever room.

Suppose the player pulls the levers in the wrong order in the Pyramid in Miitopia. In that case, they’ll find themselves unable to try again immediately. We’re not sure what the exact trigger is to make the puzzle reset, but it should do so if players leave it for a while and come back.