Windows 11 release date: Is a new Windows coming soon?

Microsoft tends to release a new version of Windows every few years. And if you’ve noticed, Windows 10 is coming up on its sixth birthday in 2021. In tech terms, that means the company’s latest operating system is practically ancient. A new version of Windows is clearly overdue. Well, as it happens, Microsoft is teasing a big reveal later this month. Is a new version of Windows coming soon? When can we expect to learn about the Windows 11 release date?

Is Windows 11 coming soon? What’s the release date?

Is Windows 11 coming soon? What's the release date?

The next version of Windows may be coming sooner than expected. Microsoft will host an event that will reveal what’s next for Windows on June 24, 2021. Because of the event’s unusual teaser, many believe Microsoft will formally announce Windows 11 on that date.

This is all speculation, of course, but the details add up. Most major versions of Windows have launched between May and August, and they tend to stay in active development for three to five years. Windows 10 turned five in July of last year. If Microsoft does intend to announce a new operating system, now would be the perfect time.

Then there’s what we know about the upcoming event. Microsoft has been slowly releasing details about Sun Valley, the big visual upgrade to Windows 10, over the past several months. It seemed likely that the company’s next reveal would be centered around Sun Valley and its significant UI changes.

Instead, Microsoft revealed an event using a strange teaser that seems to visually imply Windows 11. Note how the horizontal slats on the window don’t cast a shadow; without those lines, the rays of light look to form the number 11. And, on top of all these other details, the event itself is scheduled for 11 am Eastern time.

By all accounts, it seems the upcoming Microsoft event will formally announce Windows 11. There’s obviously no release date yet, but if Microsoft announces the new version of Windows at the event, then we’ll almost certainly hear more when it will launch.