What is the AMD something big is coming email teasing?

A mysterious email from AMD is making rounds, promising that something big is coming. The teaser briefly showcases a new piece of technology before mentioning that a reveal is coming later this month. However, the message doesn’t really say what the new product is supposed to be. Something big is coming from AMD, but what is it? Here’s what we know.

Something big is coming from AMD, but what?

The “something big is coming” teaser from AMD is almost certainly referencing a new Radeon Pro graphics card. The rendered image of the device, including its blue stripe and suite of Mini DisplayPorts, looks remarkably similar to the latest Radeon Pro W5700 workstation GPU.

In this case, the “something big” AMD has coming could be taken literally. AMD Radeon Pro GPUs aren’t exactly small — the W5700 takes up two PCI slots and includes five display ports. The new Radeon Pro — if that’s indeed what it is — also looks to be a double-wide card, though this time with six ports.

Of course, the card would be big on power, too. We can almost certainly expect the latest Radeon Pro to take advantage of AMD’s RDNA architecture and Eyefinity tech. Plus, based on the previous models’ specifications, it’ll likely pack enough memory and performance for the most demanding tasks. That’s what workstation GPUs are designed for, after all.

Otherwise, details are very slim. AMD is clearly playing its cards close to its vest with this one. We do at least know that something big is coming from AMD, and we’ll learn what it is on June 8, 2021. With that said, if you’re expecting the reveal to be something other than a new Radeon Pro GPU, you may be disappointed. On the bright side, the announcement probably couldn’t be much worse than the disappointing debut of the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti.