How to turn off Share Lending on Robinhood app

Robinhood promotes “investing for everyone,” though many users will want to access the settings and finetune their experience. By default, the trading application enables Share Lending — otherwise known as “Margin Investing,” as it appears in the app. This process loans users’ shares of stocks out to unrelated investors and/or firms. Some people aren’t comfortable with that, so will need to turn off Share Lending on Robinhood for Android and iPhone (iOS).

How to turn off Margin Investing on the Robinhood app

turn off Share Lending on Robinhood

Here’s how to disable Share Lending (Margin Investing) in the Robinhood Android and iPhone app:

  1. Open the Robinhood app on Android or iPhone (iOS)
  2. Tap the “Account” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen
  3. Select the “Settings” option
  4. Choose “Robinhood Gold” from the list
  5. Next, tap “Margin Investing” at the top
  6. Tap “Disable Margin Investing”
  7. Return to the general “Account” screen
  8. Navigate to the “Investing” menu
  9. Select “Day Trade Settings” from the list
  10. Disable the “Instant Settlement” option

It’s worth noting that only paying Robinhood Gold customers can turn off Margin Investing in the app. Everyone is capable of disabling Instant Settlements, however, which should also prevent Share Lending on the account. Know that changing the Instant Settlement settings will put a temporary block on purchases, although traders are still able to sell anything in their portfolio.

Share Lending/Margin Investing can aid short-sellers and hedge funds, which many independent amateur investors actively oppose. Of course, anyone against the notion will want to implement these Robinhood settings changes as soon as possible.

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