Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One Cheats

General Tips

  • Remember to dodge in the Batmobile. It can take quite a bit of damage, but the game throws a lot of enemy vehicles at Batman in the latter half of the game.
  • Use your special weapons with the Batmobile. The level 2 missile barrage is particularly effective, as you can take out three vehicles at once with it.
  • Mix up combos to get the most XP from combat encounters. Also, use dual takedowns frequently when fighting with one of Batman's friends.
  • The supervillain side missions contribute to the true ending, so focus on those in your playthrough.
  • The disruptor is perhaps the best gadget in the game. When you're in a room full of enemies, use detective vision and disrupt a few devices before you get started on stealth takedowns.
  • The multi-fear takedown is one of the best abilties in the game. If you see a few henchman all alone, you can sneak up on them and take all three out. Execute a regular silent takedown to recharge the multi-fear takdown.
  • Be on the lookout for areas to attach the Batmobile's Power Winch to. You might find some secret goodies such as Riddler trophies.
  • Remember to tap X multiple times to enact Batman's grapple boost and gain maximum height when flying throughout Gotham.

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Easter Eggs

The Ghost in Gray

In several areas of the game like Oracle's Clock Tower and Panessa Studios, posters can be seen for The Gray Ghost. This is a reference to the Batman Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray Ghost," where Batman must solve a crime spree reminiscent of an old TV show who's main hero (voiced by Adam West) operated much like Batman.

GCPD Evidence Locker

When in the GCPD, Batman can view the Evidence Locker, which contains weapons an gear confiscated by villains throughout Batman's adventures in Arkham Origins (note elsewhere also the references to the Blackgate Riots that took place during that game), Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City - all of which have voice recordings from Aaron Cash.

You can find Talia's sword in the Evidence Locker, and inspecting it will cause Batman to have a private moment of reflection.

Any additional enemies apprehended during the course of Arkham Knight will see their weapons and items added to the Evidence Locker.

DC Universe References

Throughout the game, many of the thugs Batman encounters will discuss other cities and heroes in the DC universe, including Metropolis, Bludhaven, Keystone and Central City. There are also several buildings owned by other DC heroes and villains.

Catwoman makes reference to having burgled Queen Industries, which is the large corporation owned by Oliver Queen - A.K.A. Green Arrow.

There are several billboards advertising vacation packages to Santa Prisca, which is the home country of the villain Bane. Many Militia members can also be heard referencing the South American country.

Other thugs reference the fact that Gotham beats out Keystone because you can at least see Batman coming, unlike The Flash, who hails from Keystone.

Superman References

Superman has been one of Batman's best allies and greatest foes throughout his career as the "World's Greatest Detective." In Arkham Knight, many in-game items refer to the line between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

  • Listen to Bruce's answering machine in Wayne Tower to hear several messages from Lex Luthor, who is interested in purchasing the Applied Sciences division of Wayne Enterprises - apparently Bruce has been avoiding his calls.
  • Scattered all over Gotham are billboards for the mega-corporation that serves as the main infrastructure for Clark Kent's nemesis Lex Luthor.
  • Several thugs can be heard lamenting the state of Gotham, adding that all it needs now is for a certain caped freak to come flying in.


DLC Achievements: Batgirl: A Matter Of Family

  • A Blade of Memory - Destroy all Teeth, Balloons and Jack-In-The-Boxes. - 15
  • A Courtship of Razors (secret) - Rescue your father. - 50
  • A Fire in the Heavens (secret) - Free the hostages at the Ferris Wheel. - 10
  • A House Made of Spun Glass (secret) - Free the hostages at the Merry-go-round. - 10
  • All Snug in Their Beds (secret) - Uncover the secret history of the park. - 30
  • Ambush - Defeat 4 enemies within the duration of a single scare effect. - 10
  • The Laughing Fish! (secret) - Free the hostages at the Ghost Ship. - 10
  • Weird War Tales - Defeat 15 enemies using any type of hacking. - 15

I AM the Batman!Reclaim your city.
A Leap of FaithComplete 8 different jumps over 100 meters.
AbsolutionAchieve 69 Stars in AR Challenges.
Blunt TraumaPerform every type of predator takedown.
Brutality 101Perform 15 different combat moves in one FreeFlow.
Choice of WeaponsUse all five Batmobile weapons successfully in one tank battle.
City of FearDefend the assault on your ally's fortress.
Cold WorldDestroy the first weapons cache in Gotham City.
Creature of the NightFreedom of the city.
Cycle of ViolenceUse 100 Quick Gadgets while in free flow combat.
Death and GloryTake out 20 thugs with fear takedowns.
Death by DesignObtain a key by completing the seventh Riddler trial.
Death of InnocentsRescue station 17 fire crew.
Dirty TricksAchieve 3 minutes of drifting time in the Batmobile.
Fear of FaithRescue the ACE Chemical workers.
Fortunate SonAchieve 46 Stars in AR Challenges.
Gates of GothamDestroy all of the militia watchtowers.
Gotham After MidnightGlide for 400 meters while less than 20 meters from the ground.
Gotham UndergroundDefuse all of the militia explosive ordinance in Gotham City.
Jekyll & HydeStop the bank heist on Miagani Island and lock up the master mind in GCPD.
Journey Into KnightEven The Odds.
Judgment DayWin the rumble down under.
Lethal PursuitsObtain a key by completing the ninth Riddler trial.
Living HellInterrogate the Militia APC Driver.
Nine LivesObtain a key by completing the last Riddler trial.
No Man's LandRestore power to the bridges of Gotham City.
Pieces of the PuzzleObtain a key by completing the second Riddler trial.
Point of ImpactPerform 5 perfect shots in a row with the Vulcan Gun without taking damage.
Riddler on the RampageObtain a key by completing the fourth Riddler trial.
Run Through the JungleFly under 3 main bridges between the islands in one continuous glide.
Savage MetalSmash 10 militia transport vehicles off the road without using the immobilizer.
Seduction of the GunAchieve 50 critical shots on light tanks.
Sins of YouthAchieve 23 Stars in AR Challenges.
Streets of GothamDestroy all of the militia checkpoints.
The Burning QuestionObtain a key by completing the fifth Riddler trial.
The Cat and the BatObtain a key by completing the third Riddler trial.
The Frequency of FearScan Gotham City to pinpoint Scarecrow's location.
The Monster MachineTrack down and apprehend the serial killer.
The Primal RiddleObtain a key by completing the sixth Riddler trial.
The Real DealTakedown 20 moving cars without using the Batmobile.
The Road HomeDestroy all of the militia APC's.
The Road to HellSuccessfully complete the first Riddler trial.
Touch of DeathApprehend the weapons dealer and lock him up in GCPD.
Trail of FearLock up your first Supervillain in GCPD.
What a Vengeance!Take on the heavy artillery reinforcements.
A Battle WithinFight for your sanity.
A Heart Broken in TwoSecure the secret base.
Angel in the DarkComplete the trials and prove you are a worthy successor.
As the Crow FliesEscape from ACE Chemicals.
Be Not AfraidWin the war for Gotham.
Brotherhood of the FistReturn of the Dynamic Duo.
Dark AllegiancesApprehend Scarecrow's senior commander.
Dark Wings Fly Away in FearWhat is the Cloudburst?
Days of FireExtinguish the fires in Gotham City.
Double JeopardyFace off with an old friend.
Fear of SuccessSurvive Scarecrow's ambush.
KnightfallInitiate Knightfall Protocol.
Master of FearWayne vs Crane.
Riddle Me ThatLock up the Riddler in GCPD.
Scar of the BatCure the doctor.
Strange DeadfellowsDeploy the Cloudburst countermeasures.
The CultSave the sacrificial victim and lock up the executioner in GCPD.
The Long HalloweenWayne vs Crane in New Story +.
The Riddle FactoryObtain a key by completing the eighth Riddler trial.
Who Rules the NightBatman vs the Arkham Knight.