When will Apple accept Shiba Inu coin and token?

The cryptocurrency market is booming thanks to underdog tokens like Shiba Inu coin. However, crypto investors are often at a loss on how to actually spend their hard-earned tokens. Thankfully, new apps and payment methods are opening markets like the Apple Store up to cryptocurrency. Does Apple have plans to accept Shiba Inu coin, or will crypto investors have to look for a different payment method?

Does Apple accept Shiba Inu coin?

Does Apple accept Shiba Inu coin?

Apple does not directly accept any form of cryptocurrency, including Shiba Inu token. Unless SHIB takes off as a major worldwide currency, it’s unlikely that Apple will ever accept Shibu Inu coin for direct payments.

Even though cryptocurrency is growing at a remarkable pace, many companies are hesitant accept a decentralized currency as payment. The value of tokens is likely too volatile to be able to account for proper payment and processing. That, or they’re simply comfortable accepting cash the old-fashioned way.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t technically spend crypto through Apple Pay. Back in February, Apple Pay users gained the ability to use BitPay Wallet. This payment method is noteworthy in that it allows Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be used across a variety of markets, including Apple Pay.

But that’s not all. Earlier this month, both Google Pay and Apple Pay also announced support for the new Coinbase debit card. Once approved, Coinbase users can add their payment methods directly into their Apple Wallet. From there, it can be spent freely throughout the Apple Store. Naturally, the card can also be used like a debit card at most retailers.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t directly accept Shiba Inu coin, and it probably never will. If you want to spend Shiba tokens or other cryptocurrencies across the Apple Store, you’ll need to use a third-party app or payment method. With luck, we’ll see even more payment options become available after the release of iOS 15. Until then, here’s a look at which apps you can use to buy SHIB.