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Chivalry 2 matchmaking failed error fix

Hack-and-slash fans are eagerly jumping into Chivalry 2, the new medieval first-person slasher from the team at Torn Banner Studios. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for all buyers. Some players keep running into an error saying Chivalry 2 matchmaking has failed. This error message is frustrating, but fortunately, there is an easy fix in the form of a simple workaround.

How to fix Chivalry 2 matchmaking failed error

How to fix Chivalry 2 matchmaking failed error

The Chivalry 2 matchmaking failed error appears when the game’s servers are experiencing technical difficulties. Matchmaking typically fails due to an influx of players seeking matches or unexpected server errors. In nearly all cases, the fix is to either try again later or join servers manually.

Network problems will exist as long as games are played online, and Chivalry 2 is no exception. Considering the game’s popularity at launch, many players are running into matchmaking problems on day one. Given the hype, it’s likely that matchmaking is failing just because the game’s servers are overloaded. Chances are good that the developers at Torn Banner Studios are already working on a solution.

Of course, it’s possible for matchmaking to fail for a number of other reasons, too. Incompatible software versions, unexpected outages, or even conflicting cross-play settings could cause this error to appear. Hopefully you’ll be able to distinguish between problems with your console, PC, or network and those experienced by the game software itself.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix. When Chivalry 2 matchmaking fails, simply join a server manually. A full list of active servers can be found in the Server Browser menu. From there, you can filter the results by game mode, map, number of players, and server ping.

There is one catch: You won’t be able to play Chivalry 2 online if servers are down. Matchmaking will fail any time servers go offline. When that happens, you’ll have to wait and try to connect again later. Fortunately, you can still play practice mode offline to brush up on your slashing and stabbing skills.