What are the differences between Rimworld and Going Medieval?

Going Medieval is the latest game to get a huge spike in popularity on Steam. And, if you’ve read user reviews, much of its appeal comes from its similarity to another game called Rimworld. However, not everyone interested in Going Medieval is familiar with the 2018 release it’s being compared to. So what’s the deal? What makes Going Medieval and Rimworld so similar, and what are the differences between them?

Rimworld and Going Medieval: What are the differences?

Rimworld and Going Medieval: What are the differences?

Going Medieval

Rimworld and Going Medieval are two very similar games. Both center around building and defending colonies, collecting resources, and managing the needs of townsfolk. However, there are several differences, namely that Going Medieval has 3D graphics while Rimworld is entirely 2D.

For a proper comparison, let’s start with the obvious: Both games involve building and growing colonies. That means you can expect to gather resources and manage townsfolk on the path to establishing a strong city. Farming and hunting are used to gather food, while activities like mining and scavenging are used to unlock better buildings or units. Politics, combat, and even outright war factor into the experience in varying degrees.

Aside from the gameplay hook, the building mechanics in both games are also similar. Anyone who played Rimworld previously should feel right at home with the construction mechanics in Going Medieval.

Rimworld and Going Medieval: What are the differences?


With that said, there are very some very obvious differences between Rimworld and Going Medieval. The big one is that Going Medieval is 3D, whereas Rimworld is 2D. They also differ on theme: Rimworld takes place on a random planet at the outskirts of space, whereas Going Medieval takes place on Earth at the end of the 14th century.

Beyond these differences, both games also have totally different developers and publishers. Going Medieval is being developed by Foxy Voxel and published by The Irregular Corporation, while Rimworld is developed and published by Ludeon Studios.

Rimworld and Going Medieval may seem strikingly similar, but they do have several differences. Namely, one is a 3D colony sim set on Earth, while the other is a 2D city builder set in space. However, as far the core gameplay goes, these two games aren’t so different. Before you leave, check out the Going Medieval roadmap and a look at the game’s potential console releases.