Going Medieval DLC roadmap includes raids, pets, new weapons, and much more

Going Medieval is already doing big numbers on PC after launching via Steam and EGS earlier this month. Since the medievalist city builder is in Early Acess, however, players have been questioning what comes next. Fortunately, developer Foxy Voxel comes equipped with all the answers. There’s now an extensive Going Medieval DLC roadmap that details everything coming to the best-selling community management and city building game.

Going Medieval DLC Roadmap: All upcoming updates (2021)

Going Medieval DLC roadmap

Here’s every update on the Going Medieval DLC roadmap:

  • Accumulating snow
  • Ruins
  • Natural caves
  • Fire and flammability
  • Organic dirt paths
  • Trading and merchants
  • Caravans
  • Settlement diplomacy
  • Settler social interactions
  • Vassal system
  • Mounted siege weaponry
  • Shelves and weapon racks
  • Raiding other settlements
  • Map factions
  • Prisoner system
  • Grand objectives
  • Religious influence
  • Taming wildlife
  • Animal husbandry
  • Much more…

Environments look set to get more varied and immersive, while players will also receive some exciting-sounding new gameplay mechanics. The ability to tame wild animals seemingly indicates that a Going Medieval pet system is on the way. Not only that, but users will be able to raid other settlements and take prisoners during their conquests. Siege weaponry will presumably come into play while raiding, plus the act should impact the all-new settlement diplomacy mechanic.

It’s already easy to imagine how several of the Going Medieval updates will interact with one another in-game. After quickly shooting to popularity, these free patches need to keep coming thick and fast for Foxy Voxel and The Irregular Corporation to keep players engaged. Although the game is dominating Steam sales at the moment, announcing console versions could help to attract new sets of eyes.

It’s not all doom and gloom for console users, though. PS5 is getting its own exclusive title this week in the form of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart — which is excellent, FYI.

Meanwhile, there are Nintendo and Xbox E3 presentations for fans of the other platforms to look forward to. GameRevolution has some predictions for both events, which are right here and here (respectively).