Box art - Far Cry 6

Is Far Cry 6 an Xbox exclusive game?

The Far Cry 6 Xbox trailer revealed at E3 2021 today has caused viewers to question: “Is Far Cry 6 Xbox exclusive?” With the game receiving a gameplay overview during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, many are now under the impression that a PS4 and PS5 version of the game won’t be released. So, what’s the deal with Ubisoft’s sequel?

Is Far Cry 6 Xbox exclusive?

While the new trailer left some viewers a little confused, Far Cry 6 is not an Xbox exclusive. While the trailer highlighted the game running on an Xbox Series X console, the sequel is still scheduled for release on PS5, PS4, and PC.

The confusion seems to have stemmed from FC6 being wedged between a number of exclusive games, with the company revealing a slew of titles coming to the Xbox Series X, S, and PC via Game Pass. This seems to have caused some to believe that Far Cry 6 might no longer be a multi-platform game.

But Ubisoft does not share the same relationship with Xbox as Bethesda, which was acquired by the Microsoft gaming division to be one of its plethora of first-party studios. As indicated in today’s showcase, Bethesda and Xbox’s relationship means that games such as Starfield will be Xbox-exclusive on launch. However, Ubisoft remains a multi-platform studio that also produces games for the PS5, PS4, and Switch.

Far Cry 6 may have received a detailed rundown in the Xbox presentation, though this is more than likely the result of Sony and PlayStation not appearing at E3. Given that Ubisoft will still want to showcase Far Cry 6 in the most impactful way possible, the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase was undoubtedly the biggest presentation of E3 2021, so it certainly achieved that — even if it did come at the cost of some believing that it would only be available on Microsoft’s console.