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When is the Halo Infinite Beta Coming Out? Flight start date and times

The highly-anticipated next game in the Halo series is due to launch later this year, so the Halo Infinite beta start date must be due in the next few months if that release date doesn’t slip. The good news is that the Halo Infinite technical test, otherwise known as a flight test, was talked about at the Xbox E3 games showcase this year. So when is the Halo Infinite flight start date and time? Let’s take a look.

What is the Halo Infinite Flight beta start date?

Halo Infinite Beta

Microsoft and developer 343 Industries have confirmed that the first Halo Infinite beta, or flight, will begin “later this summer.” This suggests the first flight could commence any time between now and August/September time.

This was revealed by 343 community manager John Junyszek on Twitter and confirmed during the Halo Infinite multiplayer segment of the Xbox extended showcase:

While it should be noted that previous Halo flights have slipped a lot, such as the ones for the Master Chief Collection on PC, if Halo Infinite is still aiming for a release at the end of the year then the beta cannot afford to slip too much. Most likely there will be multiple Halo Infinite flight tests before the game’s release.

As for how to get involved, head over to the Halo Insider website and sign up there. Depending on whether you want to play on Xbox or PC you’ll need either your Xbox Live account or your Steam account details. If chosen for the flight, you’ll be sent an email or message close to the time with download details. If not chosen, don’t panic, it’s highly likely there will be multiple flight tests so everyone can have a go.

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