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Halo Infinite Forge Mode: Maps, Forge AI, and world explained

The Halo Infinite multiplayer reveal showcased some sweet new gameplay and character customization options, though Forge mode was absent. So, what’s the deal? Does Halo Infinite have a Forge mode? Here’s all the need-to-know info on the map and AI customization options in the new Halo game.

Is there a Halo Infinite Forge mode?

Halo Infinite Forge mode

Yes, there is a Halo Infinite Forge mode. Forge will support fan-made maps and returning locations, potentially including the Forge World multiplayer map. Currently, there have been no announcements regarding the addition of Forge AI in Halo Infinite.

Although the Halo Infinite Forge mode didn’t feature at the E3 2021 multiplayer showcase, it is coming to the title. That’s great news, as a new Halo game arguably wouldn’t be complete without Forge functionality. Forge creations are partly responsible for the series’ continuing success, with the wacky array of maps and modes serving to draw many fans in. Fortunately, that doesn’t look set to change in Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

There hasn’t been a Forge showcase just yet, though the Halo Infinite map builder is likely to receive its own spotlight later this year. Since this entry marks the series’ debut on Xbox Series X|S, it’s reasonable to assume that Forge functionality will step up a notch. Hopefully, this will result in the introduction of Halo Infinite Forge AI. Players have been begging for the ability to add AI into Forge maps for years now; granting the power to do so could enable the creation of Firefight and campaign maps.

While Forge was sadly missing in action, there were plenty of exciting reveals at the Halo Infinite multiplayer event. Most notably, the new multiplayer mode is free-to-play on all available platforms. In addition to that bombshell, every Spartan now has their own Personal AI — just like Master Chief! Halo Infinite multiplayer also marks the Smart Scope’s return.