Shiba Swap Launch Date: When is the new portal releasing?

The Shiba Swap launch date is all Shiba fans are talking about, with many investors keen to use the dedicated portal to hold and exchange the new cryptocurrency. Folks are curious about a web app, as well as an app release date for iPhone and Android. Here’s everything that’s known so far.

When is the Shiba Swap launch date?

Shiba Swap Launch Date

The Shiba Swap launch date is expected to be sometime during summer 2021.

Hype for Shiba Swap is growing with each new day. Tutorials by YouTuber creator SHIBANALYST have proven especially popular, with them showing off different Shiba Swap features.

On June 12, SHIBANALYST posted a video exploring the ShibaSwap test site. This showed off features such as “Dig,” “Fetch,” “Bury,” “Swap,” “Bonefolio,” and “Woof.”

If the name itself didn’t make it clear, this new Shiba coin portal has been built around the popular cryptocurrency. While it’s still all about serious matters like money and investments, there is undoubtedly a certain charming cuteness about the interface and terminology used.

Mentions of “ShibaSwap” on social media and forums are increasing, with a clear buzz surrounding the launch of the portal. Though a date has yet to be confirmed, the hype levels are rising and fans are getting a little restless.

Here’s hoping those looking forward to Shiba Swap’s launch won’t have to wait too much longer. As more information is revealed about the release date, this post will be updated to reflect the new information.

Until then, HOLD that patience and overexcitement.

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