When can I download Windows 11?

With the big Windows 11 reveal almost here, many eager users are asking “When can I download Windows 11?” While Windows 10 has been perfectly serviceable to many users, the promise of a shiny upgrade to the user interface and other features is hotly anticipated by many. Here’s the need-to-know info on when Windows 11 can be downloaded and upgraded to.

When will Windows 11 be available to download?

When can I download Windows 11

Windows 11 will be available to download after the June 24 conference.

Until the conference has concluded, it won’t be clear what exact date and time the Windows 11 download will be made available. However, with leaked builds of the operating software out in the wild and reportedly pretty functional, it’s estimated that W11 will be rolling out within the next month or so.

It’s also not yet clear if Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for existing Windows 10 users. While it’s not expected to cost additional money, users could be in for a shock if Microsoft announces any kind of payment.

Some might be surprised that a Windows 11 download is even a thing, as Microsoft had previously talked about continuing to build upon Windows 10. It’s clear that the company has now changed its mind with a rollout of a new numbered version in Windows 11.

This article will be updated with the latest information as and when GameRevolution learns more.

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