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Will Minecraft Windows 10 work on Windows 11?

The announcement of Windows 11 last week marks a large shift in Windows software, and the future of PC gaming. It’s left many gamers wondering if their favourite games will still work on the new operating system – and most of all, Minecraft. Read on to find out if Minecraft Windows 10 will work on Windows 11.

Will Minecraft Windows 10 work on Windows 11?


While we haven’t heard anything concrete from developers Mojang yet, it’s pretty safe to assume that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will work on Windows 11. It’s one of the most popular PC games in the world, so Microsoft would be foolish to cut off support for it with the new operating system.

Most likely, though, it initially won’t be as optimised as the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is. With a game that’s able to run on so many platforms, from PS5 to Android, it’s very unlikely Minecraft won’t work in some capacity. Until there’s a stability patch, or some sort of optimisation, you can expect some of the classic glitches that come with old software running on a new operating system.

Of course, though, Minecraft is one of the most popular Windows games, so Microsoft and Mojang could very well push out a day-one patch to instantly optimise the game for Windows 11. The new operating system is due for release later this year, so time will tell. We’ll certainly know beforehand whether there will be a day-one patch or not, but until we get official confirmation from either company, it’s all speculation. That said, it seems pretty unlikely that a game as vastly supported as Minecraft won’t find a home on Windows 11.

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