Why does HBO Max buffer so much?

Since it was released last year, subscribers have complained about an HBO Max buffering problem. Just why does HBO Max buffer and lag so much? Since launch, anyone trying the service has noticed and talked about some truly annoying HBO Max lagging issues, or even HBO Max not loading altogether. For anyone suffering through these issues while trying to watch the new Space Jam movie or Zack Snyder’s Justice League, here are some HBO Max lag fixes to try.

How to fix HBO Max buffering too long

Why does HBO Max buffer so much?

There are multiple fixes to try if HBO Max is buffering for too long on a device, perhaps with the annoying three loading dots on a black screen, such as:

  • Sign out of HBO Max, close the app, reload, and sign back in again fresh.
  • Check if HBO Max is having trouble streaming on another device. If yes, then the service may be overloaded so try again later. If not, the problem may be with the original device.
  • Check to make sure HBO Max is up-to-date on the device, and if not, update it.
  • Close all other apps or programs and restart the device.
  • Restart the local router, although it might be worth checking if the internet is slow with other apps too first.
  • If all these problems have been exhausted, including trying again a little later, report the problem to HBO Max directly and see if they have any further suggestions.

It’s a shame HBO Max still seems to be suffering from lagging issues, as there are a lot of exciting things happening with it. Space Jam: A New Legacy is out July 16, although fans are disappointed in the choice of Zendaya as the voice of Lola Bunny. The Snyder Cut of Justice League was released earlier this year to fan acclaim, despite Warner Bros’ decision to cut Green Lantern from the movie, and fans are concerned that the Batgirl and Supergirl movies may be HBO Max-only.