How to fix Roblox Join Error 524 ‘You do not have permission’ (PC 2021)

The Roblox Join Error 524 “You do not have permission to join this experience” appears for players who are trying to join a VIP server. When this appears, the only option to press is “Leave.” Obviously, this isn’t ideal. Thankfully, there’s a workaround. Here’s how to fix Roblox Join Error 524 “You do not have permission to join this experience” message popup for games like Welcome to Bloxburg.

Roblox Join Error 524 “You do not have permission” fix

Roblox Join Error 524 fix

To fix the Roblox Join Error 524 “You do not have permission,” players will want to do the following:

  • Confirm that you have VIP access if the server requires it.
    • Some servers are considered premium experiences and so require a Robux donation in order for players to get access.
  • Make sure your Privacy settings allow invites from others.
    • Selecting the “Privacy” tab and then changing the “Who can invite me to a VIP server?” setting will allow others to invite you to the server.

Error 524 can be a pesky issue to avoid, but using the above fixes should help players work around the problem. It’s worth remembering this trick for any other servers that cause this issue.

This fix isn’t just a solution for Error 524, as it can also work for other numbered error codes. If a server won’t allow access, give the above a try.

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