Best Among Us birthday cake ideas

Featured Image Source: Sarah Gibson, Instagram/sognocakes

Given how popular the game has become, it’s no wonder that kids are asking for Among Us birthday cakes. However, since the game just hit the mainstream relatively recently, it’s tough to go and get a pre-made cake. Fortunately, we’ve got some great Among Us birthday cake ideas that’ll help parents make or commission the perfect celebratory confection.

What are some good ideas for an Among Us birthday cake?

Those that want to get an Among Us birthday cake for their loved ones should consider how far they want to go. One can decorate an existing cake to be Among Us-themed with the right accessories. Alternatively, one could go all out and design the entire cake to center around the game. The former is less expensive and time-consuming than the latter, but those that have the time or money might want a custom cake.

Here are some of the options for an Among Us birthday cake:

Get a cake topper

One can easily turn a regular baked or pre-made cake into an Among Us-themed one with cake toppers. There are a few different types of cake toppers one can use to decorate:

Among Us Cake Toppers 1

Image Source: Etsy/Ediblek8toppers

Edible image: Edible images can be printed onto frosting sheets and then transferred to a cake. These can be customized to show practically any idea, so this is a great way to give a cake a custom feel, even if someone doesn’t bake it themselves. These are fairly cheap but can be challenging to apply.

Among Us Cake Toppers 2

Image Source: Etsy/Lglinvitationsdesign

Paper topper: Toppers can also be printed on paper and placed in the cake like a candle. These are easier to handle than the edible images we discussed above but don’t give the same custom vibe.

For the best effect, combining the two toppers can make a cake really pop and complement each other greatly.

Purchase or make a custom cake

A custom cake is the way to go for those who want that “wow” factor. However, it’s going to be either much more labor-intensive or expensive depending on the route chosen.

However, in this case, the possibilities are only limited to a person’s imagination. Cakes can be made in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and there’s an almost infinite amount of decorations one can add.