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How to get Summer Aura Fortnite skin

The Summer Aura Fortnite skin seems to be the latest edition to the ever-popular battle royale game. While not officially announced yet, it seems the new skin will release as part of the game’s Invasion event, and the ongoing summer special events. Read on to find out how to get the Summer Aura Fortnite skin.

How do you get the Summer Aura Fortnite skin?

Fortnite Aura

At the moment, Epic Games haven’t officially confirmed how to get the Summer Aura Fortnite skin. However, it’s almost certain that, like most Fortnite skins, it’ll be available in the Item Shop. If not, Epic Games will add the skin automatically, through an update.

The Summer Aura Fortnite skin has been bandied about as a possibility, but unlike other summer skin variants in Fortnite, we don’t yet have an image of the skin. Most leaks tend to come from game files or data dumps, but this one is different. Instead, fans have used the timing between Aura skin releases to deduce it. Usually, a character will disappear from the rotation for around 90 days before receiving a new release. It’s roughly been that amount of time since Aura was last available to purchase. Combining that and the ongoing summer revamp, it makes sense that we’ll see a Summer Aura skin very soon.

Epic Games seems to be releasing summer variants of all their popular skins – and it wouldn’t be the first time the Aura character received a seasonal variant. Following her initial release in May 2019, a Winter Aura skin released in February 2020, giving further credit to the possibility of a summery twist on the character. Of course, we won’t know for certain until more credible leaks, or an announcement from Epic Games. However, the chances of a Summer Aura Fortnite skin are looking increasingly likely.

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