Legend of Kay: Anniversary PS4 Cheats


All cats are grey in the dark - Find and activate all demon portals - Gold

Cat in gloves catches no mice - Collect all claws in the game - Silver

Cat versus Snake (secret) - Win the fight against The Dreaded Chei Ni - Silver

Cat-chi - Upgrade your chi points to the maximum - Silver

Curiosity killed the cat - Win an extra race without collecting a chilli - Silver

Dancing with the blade - Collect all swords in the game - Gold

Enough to make a cat laugh - Upgrade your extra lives to 9 - Gold

Fat Cat - Upgrade your health points to the maximum - Silver

Fight like Kilkenny cats - Get a 20x combo - Silver

Gorilla Killa (secret) - Win the fight against Shun's bodyguard - Silver

Hammercat - Collect all hammers in the game - Silver

Hard as a rock (secret) - Win the fight against Qian Bei the ancestor - Silver

Hellcat - Finish the game on „Nightmare" difficulty - Gold

Is it over yet? (secret) - Win the fight against Minister Shun - Gold

Let the cat out of the bag - Complete the second fight training lesson - Bronze

Like a cat riding a boar - Finish the first boar race - Bronze

Like the cat that got the cream - Finish the game on „Hard" difficulty - Silver

Look what the cat dragged in - Get a 5x combo - Bronze

Make the fur fly - Get a 15x combo - Bronze

Not enough room to swing a cat - Win the first fight against the boar - Silver

Platinum - Collect all the other trophies to unlock - Platinum

Put the cat among the pigeons - Get a 10x combo - Bronze

Ratatouille - Win the fight against Alchemist Tak - Silver

Steel Fur - Collect 3 different armour types - Silver

Turtle Twister (secret) - Win the fight against Jia-Gu - Silver

Weak as a kitten - Complete the first sword training - Bronze