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Genshin Impact Reruns: Will limited banners come back in 2021?

The latest Genshin Impact developer stream gave players details on its upcoming 1.7 (2.0) update. This large patch brings tons of new content and quality of life improvements to the game, though a lot of people only want to know one thing. So, is it possible to rerun banner events after they expire in 2021? Here’s the latest on Genshin Impact reruns allowing users to go back and unlock any characters they might’ve missed.

Are Genshin Impact reruns coming to banners in 2.0? (2021)

Genshin Impact reruns

A Genshin Impact rerun could allow players to unlock Ganyu in the version 2.1 update, should current rumors prove correct. The upcoming Genshin Impact 2.0 patch doesn’t contain any limited banner event reruns, however.

Generally, each Genshin Impact update presents users with the opportunity to complete two character banners and unlock new playable protagonists. Should the user fail to complete a banner within the specified timeframe, there’s no opportunity to replay it at their leisure. This can lead to players missing out if they aren’t always available to devote time to the game, prompting cries for a rerun feature from the community.

Developer miHoYo is almost certainly aware of the demand for such a feature. While it’s unlikely that players will ever be able to choose from a back catalog of banners on a whim, they could return as repeat limited events. According to rumors circulating within the Genshin Impact community, the Ganyu character banner could come back this September.

It isn’t yet clear whether Ganyu’s return might appear alongside an all-new character banner, in order to keep everyone happy. Although a second opportunity to beat the event would be welcome by many, lots of players that were successful the first time could take issue. That’s assuming it even happens at all — be sure to take this speculation with a pinch of salt.

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