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No Overwatch license found error fix

The no Overwatch license found error can pop up when trying to play the game. Unfortunately, the error message isn’t helpful at all and doesn’t help a player diagnose the cause. Fortunately, this isn’t a random occurrence, and it’s not hard to fix the no Overwatch license found error.

Why does Overwatch not find a license?Overwatch No License Found Message

When a player launches Overwatch, it checks for a license when it logs into the server. A account must have an active license to be allowed to connect to the servers and play the game normally. In fact, an account needs a license even to download the game in the first place.

Since a player needs a valid Overwatch license to install the game in the first place, there are only a few instances where this error message would show up. The main prerequisite for this problem to occur is that Overwatch must be installed via an account with a valid license first. Once the game is installed, one of three things can cause the No Overwatch license found error to occur:

  1. An account without a valid license logs in and attempts to launch the game.
  2. The game was downloaded as a free trial, and the trial period has ended.
  3. The license has been revoked due to billing issues.

To fix the license error, players should first make sure that they’re logged into the correct account. This is an issue that those who share computers are most likely to run into.

Even if the account that is logged into has an Overwatch license, it may not be currently valid. Those that participate in a free trial will still have the game available for download on their account, but the license becomes inactive once the trial period is over. To continue playing after that point, users must purchase the game.

Users who are logged into an account that they’re sure has an active license should contact Blizzard Customer Support if they run into this error. There’s a possibility a bug has rendered it inactive.