Roblox error code 272 fix

Roblox is one of the most popular games on the planet, which means security needs to stay tight. You’re allowed to continue running outside programs while playing, but some software could potentially trigger error code 272. When this happens, you’ll be disconnected with a message citing a security key mismatch. What does this message mean, and what can you do to fix error code 272? Read on to find out.

Roblox: How to fix error code 272

Roblox: How to fix error code 272

Roblox error code 272 appears any time the game is loaded using exploits. That’s why the error message says you were disconnected due to a security key mismatch. To fix the error, you need to launch the game without running any software-based cheats, hacks, exploits, or bots.

Put simply, Roblox is giving you error code 272 because it doesn’t want you to connect to the platform. Something in your software is triggering a security warning, which often results from the use of exploits. These can range from what look like simple mods or hacks to malicious software designed to collect coins or steal passwords.

In rare cases, it’s possible for this error to appear during times of server maintenance or outages. It doesn’t happen often, but code 272 could be triggered if servers go down. Outages could also result in error code 610. If the whole platform has gone down, you only need to wait and try to play the game again later.

Still, by and large, this error is the result of trying to use exploits or other unapproved software. To fix it, you need to uninstall any bot or exploit software running on your system. If you aren’t running that sort of software, you should probably try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. So long as you launch the game with a clean installation, code 272 should disappear.

Roblox error code 272 appears when the system thinks you’re running an exploit. It’s a security warning that automatically disconnects any users running prohibited software. Remove any exploits, then reinstall the game if necessary. Otherwise, you may need to get into contact with Roblox support.