Gundam Full Frontal: Is he Char Aznable?

Full Frontal appeared as the antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and his desire to obtain Laplace’s Box was the catalyst for the events of the entire series. Despite his prominent role in the series, Full Frontal is one of the more mysterious foes in the franchise, and even after finishing Gundam Unicorn, many were left confused as to his connection to Char Aznable.

Is Full Frontal in Gundam Char Aznable?

Gundam Full Frontal Char Aznable

Full Frontal looks like Char, acts like Char, and is an expert mobile suit pilot. He wears a Zeon uniform and pilots a custom red mobile suit. Basically, he does everything he can to be like Char without actually saying he is the Red Comet. Given how goofy anime can be with things like this, it’s easy to assume that he is just Char Aznable.

The truth is considerably weirder. Full Frontal is a genetically altered copy of Char. He’s a Cyber Newtype who was implanted with the will of Char through a Psycho-Frame that absorbed his psychic energy. The reason he’s so nihilistic and aggressive toward humanity is that he was only imbued with part of Char’s “soul.”

Full Frontal was surgically altered to become a duplicate of Char, and it’s not known if he was a clone or a naturally-born human that was modified to resemble Char physically. However, because he hasn’t taken on the whole persona of Char, he doesn’t possess his passion for his cause. Instead, he is ambivalent about his objectives which causes him to be overly cruel. He’s also somewhat resentful of his existence, knowing it to be unnatural.

At the conclusion of Gundam Unicorn, the spirits of Char and Lalah Sune come to Full Frontal and convince him that it’s time to let go. His splintered psyche rejoins with Char, making him whole again, and his physical body is left an empty shell.