Box art - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Zelda Twilight Princess Switch release date

Fans have been wishing that Zelda: Twilight Princess will get a Switch release date since the console launched. Since it’s the 35th anniversary of the series, one would think that Nintendo would bring Twilight Princess to its latest console, especially since an HD version was made for the Wii U that could be a straight port.

Will The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess get a Switch release date?

It doesn’t seem as though Zelda: Twilight Princess will get a Switch release date. Despite rumors of a Zelda 35th anniversary collection being in production, series creator Eiji Aonuma shut down any hope that Twilight Princess would be releasing on the Switch, at least this year. Unfortunately, Aonuma stated, that Skyward Sword HD would be the only Zelda title to be released on the Switch to celebrate the anniversary at E3 2021.

Unfortunately, Nintendo is bad at leveraging its back catalog, so it’s unlikely that Twilight Princess will be coming to the Switch in the near future, if ever. Oddly, Wii U titles that moved fewer copies than Twilight Princess HD have been ported to the Switch, but the company’s decisions rarely make sense to fans.

Unlike Wind Waker, which was originally met with ridicule due to its cartoonish, cel-shaded art style, Twilight Princess was immediately praised. Ironically, over the years, Wind Waker has become the more beloved entry in the series. However, Twilight Princess is still looked upon fondly.

We will be getting Skyward Sword HD, but it seems like a strange choice given that Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask are more fondly remembered. Perhaps if Skyward Sword sells well, we’ll finally get a chance to play the other 3D Zelda titles on the Switch. For now, we wouldn’t hold our breath about their odds of coming to the console.