Best places to pre-order Pokemon Celebrations cards TCG sets

The new set of Pokemon cards is coming out very soon. Due out in October, this collection of Celebrations cards commemorates 25 years of Pokemon history. There are sets based on classic legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh and Mew, as well as new VMAX cards to acquire. Here are the best places to pre-order Pokemon Celebrations TGC sets, based on each region.

Where to pre-order Pokemon Celebrations cards TCG sets in the US

pre-order Pokemon Celebrations

If you’re an American customer, there’s plenty of places to buy the new sets from. You can’t go wrong with all the reliable vendors – the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

It’s worth mentioning that right now, pre-orders aren’t live on any of these sites. You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can pre-order them, as the Pokemon Company hasn’t provided a date yet. However, when they do, you can guarantee that places like Amazon will be the first in stock. With the release due in just a few months’ time, it’s just a matter of waiting to see when these reliable stores set their pre-orders live.

Where to pre-order Pokemon Celebrations cards TCG sets in the UK

If you’re a UK Pokemon fan, you’ll know that stores like Walmart and Target don’t exist in the country. Amazon is still a really reliable place to look for the cards, however.

There’s also plenty of dedicated hobby shops that’ll have stock of the Celebrations cards, like Games Workshop, Dice and Decks, and Total Cards. They will most likely charge a higher postage fee than somewhere like Amazon – especially if you’re a Prime member. That’s worth considering when you’re deciding where to shop – but bear in mind that specialist hobby shops might know their stuff better, and could potentially have more stock.

Where to pre-order Pokemon Celebrations cards TCG sets in Europe

As always, you can’t go anywhere without encountering Amazon – so once again, it’s a good first place to check once pre-orders for the new sets go live. Places like Total Cards and Toasted Magic do international delivery too – but that comes at an increased price. Therefore, your best bet is Amazon, as well as local stores in your area.

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