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Where is Zelda Skyward Sword on the timeline?

The Zelda timeline is pretty complicated. Each of the games refer to a Hero of Time and a quest for good to triumph over evil, but the exact order of historical events isn’t always clear. That’s because what happens in certain Zelda games is referred to as legend in others. So where does The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword fit on the Zelda timeline? Read on to learn more.

Where is Skyward Sword on the Zelda timeline?

Where is Skyward Sword on the Zelda timeline?

Skyward Sword takes place almost at the very beginning of the Zelda timeline. The events of the game occur following the world’s creation, after the Era of Hylia and before the Era of Chaos. Chronologically, this makes Skyward Sword the first game on the Zelda timeline.

Beyond the basics, it’s difficult to place the events of the game without a little history lesson. We can provide some details here, but consider this your spoiler warning: The rest of this guide involves major plot points revealed during the Skyward Sword campaign.

Long ago, the world was created by three Golden Goddesses known as Nayru, Farore, and Din. Once their work was done, they basically got up and left. But before they disappeared, they left behind the legendary Triforce. The Triforce then made its way into the hands of the goddess Hylia, which kicked off the Era of Hylia.

During Hylia’s reign, she ran into the demon king Demise. Fearful of his wrath, Hylia hid the realm’s citizens as well as the Triforce in the Skyloft. Despite her best efforts, Demise pressed on, and in order to secure the people’s future, Hylia resigned her consciousness to a mortal body that would awaken when Demise returned. In addition, she created the Goddess Sword, and commanded the spirit Fi to aid the hero chosen to wield it.

This is a direct setup for the events of Skyward Sword. And frankly, things only get more complicated from there. Still, the themes of reborn goddesses, chosen heroes, relentless evil, and legendary blades continue throughout the rest of the series.

Skyward Sword basically takes place at the beginning of the Zelda timeline. Every other Legend of Zelda game builds upon the legends first introduced in Skyward Sword. It wasn’t the first game in the series, but it does mark the first adventure for the Hero of Time.