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Pokemon Unite: How to destroy goal zones

Pokemon Unite is the first Pokemon MOBA, with it introducing a new set of rules that do away with the minions and CS-farming typically required in the genre. Instead of turrets, Pokemon Unite needs players to destroy goal zones in order to progress — but how do you destroy a goal zone in the game? Here’s all you need to know.

How to destroy goal zones in Pokemon Unite

pokemon unite goal zones

To destroy goal zones in Pokemon Unite, players will need to first collect Aeos orbs. These are obtained by way of knocking out the NPC Pokemon in the arena or stealing them from rival players you’ve KO’ed. After collecting the orbs, you score goals in your opponents’ goal zones — scoring 80 per goal zone will destroy it.

Each NPC Pokemon in Unite has a number displayed above their head — this is the number of Aeos orbs you will be given for knocking them out. The player that hits the Pokemon last will be awarded the orb, and they can then score them in the opposing team’s goal zone.

Each goal zone starts at 80 health, with the orbs whittling them down. For instance, if you score with 40 Aeos orbs, the goal zone will be left with 40 health. In order to win a match, you must destroy each goal zone before finally taking down your opponents’ base.

Destroying goal zones is the aim of the game here, so you need to make sure you’re not just focusing on taking down opponent players. While this is useful, destroying NPC Pokemon will quickly rack up your Aeos orb score and allow you to take down the goal zones even faster. Make this your priority and you should be able to start destroying those goal zones in no time.

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